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The Omuu Fund

Amazon Shelter

Come see the difference your donations are making to AmazonShelter through the OmuuFund. By purchasing Omuu, you have personally helped this charity. You are fighting climate change and giving back to the planet.


This baby night monkey arrived as an orphan after his mother was killed by poachers. Gizmo is being bottled fed milk until he is old enough to eat solid food.

Did you know, it is actually the male night monkey that cares for the young. Gizmo will be cared for until he is old enough to be released back into the Amazon rainforest and start a family of his own.


This juvenile striped owl was left homeless due to deforestation. Her nest was destroyed to make room for agriculture/ She was found crying out for her mother on the forest floor. Tiny is currently being treated for a broken wing.

We will continue to support Tiny on her journey to recovery until she is strong enough to be released back into the Amazon rainforest and fly free again.


The baby red howler monkey landed at the doorstep of AmazonShelter after his motherwas killed by poachers. Josito arrived completely debilitated, weak, unable to breath and suffering from a bad intestinal parasitic infection. Unfortunately this happens too often at AmazonShelter.

The OmuuFund will continue helping baby monkeys like Josito on their road to recovery and help fund their nutrition until they are well enough to be slowly integrated into a troop of their own and released back into the Amazon rainforest


Birds like James are frequently captured for the illegal pet trade. He is a blue and yellow macaw. James had been recued from his captors and was unfortunately diagnosed with a life threatening pneumonia at AmazonShelter. Once James is strong and healthy enough, he will be released back into the wild.

Two Toed Sloth

Two sloths have recently arrived at AmazonShelter with two very different problems. The first sloth was suffering from a flesh eating parasitic disease known as leishmania.

The second sloth arrived with electrocution after thinking a telephone wire was a branch. This unfortunately is a common occurrence as human populations push deeper into the jungle. Unfortunately neither sloth survived due to the severity of their wounds. This is the cruel reality of what is happening in the Amazon rainforest. The OmuuFund is committed to helping animals just like these two sloths


This woolley monkey was rescued recently from the illegal pet trade. All new arrivals into AmazonShelter must pass a full health check for infectious diseases and general bloods. Did you know that in the Amazon rainforest, woolley monkeys can live to be 30 years old. Once integrated into a group of his own, Robby will eventually be realsed back into the rainforest.

Omuu is committed to helping AmazonShelter with new arrivals like Robby.

Baby Black Capuchin

This little baby black capuchin is currently being treated in the Veterinary clinic at Amazon Shelter for a severe infestation of intestinal parasites. He was rescued from the hands of poachers in the Amazon. The poachers killed his mother to keep him as a pet and sell him in the illegal pet trade. Sadly, a teddy is kept with this capuchin to resemble his mother. It offers only the slightest bit of comfort.

Omuu will help provide support for this little baby capuchin on his road to recovery and freedom back into the Amazon rainforest.


Bobby, a yellow footed tortoise was saved just as his shell was about to be sawn open by poachers. Sadly, eating Amazonian wildlife is the reality of why some of these beautiful creatures are being captured. They are sold at local meat markets. But this reality does not stop with just tortoises, even the monkey’s are being hunted for ‘bush meat’. This consumption of ‘bush meat’ can even lead to diseases spreading from wildlife into the human population, much like Covid-19. Bobby would have suffered greatly if he was not rescued by Amazon Shelter.


Spike is an Amazonian porcupine. He was found in the local village close to AmazonShelter, wandering by a busy road. Spike could have been knocked down by a car or been attacked by the local dogs. Fortunately Spike was taken into AmazonShelter and received a full medical check by their Veterinary team. He stayed at the shelter regaining strength before he was safely released back into the Amazon rainforest


Ellie is a juvenile female tapir. Ellie arrived at AmazonShelter after being rescued from a local zoo. She was severely malnourished, afraid and unsocialised. In the background you can see Emilio, a grey brocket deer. These two have formed a close bond with one another. Once Ellie is fit and healthy she will be socialised with other tapirs who have been saved from the illegal pet trade. Unfortunately tapirs are an endangered species. Ellie may help repopulate the Amazon.

Veterinary Supplies

The OmuuFund also helps AmazonShelter buy supplies for their Veterinary clinic. The team work tirelessly saving the lives of countless species day and night. Here we see the Veterinary team preparing for a blood transfusion between red howler monkeys, which are often found extremely debilitated and anaemic when they arrive at AmazonShelter.

An emergency blood transfusion can sometimes be the only option. These red howler monkeys will one day be integrated into a troop of their own and released back into the Amazon rainforest.

Come see the difference your donations are making

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