Premium Irish Insect Protein Dog Food

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What is the omuu Insect Protein experience

Insect Protein
Novel Protein

Insect protein is the perfect choice for dogs suffering from allergies because it doesn’t cause an immune reaction. It is also easy to digest in dogs with a sensitive tummy

Insect Protein
High Omega 3

Our high Omega 3 level protects your dog’s skin barrier.
The DHA & EPA component in Omega 3 is shown to reduce inflammation in dogs with a sensitive tummy

Insect Protein
High Anti-Oxidants

A high antioxidant food is important to protect your dogs skin and cells from damage. Keeping your dog fit and healthy

Bug Based Protein

A more premium Insect protein Alternative

Omuu Competitor Brand A Competitor Brand B
Truely Hypoallergenic
High Omega-3
Dental Protectant
High Prebiotic Fibers
High Antioxidants
Recyclable Packaging

What our omuu community is saying

Insect Protein Dog Food
No More Gastro Issues
No More Gastro Issues
Brendan C
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Benji, our Golden retriever puppy had gastro issues right from a small puppy.. We started him off on puppy nuts (major brand) but he never really wanted them, it was a struggle to get him to eat and resulted in messy poos!! We tried other brands and even switched to a raw food diet for a few months to try and help. While he loved eating the raw food, it didn't really suit him and actually made his gastro issues worse. I heard an interview about Omuu on the radio and after looking at it, I emailed Dr. Frank to see if the adult Omuu food would be an option for Benji, who was now about 8 months old. Dr. Frank was very helpful and gave us great advice all the way along. We decided to try Omuu with Benji and the results were incredible. From the time we changed over to Omuu he hasn't had any gastro issues since and is now coming up to his first birthday. Omuu suits him perfectly and he's hounding it down every day 🙂 Ordering and delivery have been hassle free and it's no more expensive than other major food brands. The eco credentials and sustainability are another bonus to what is a fantastic food which Benji loves !!! I would highly recommend it. Thanks Dr. Frank and all at Omuu.
No More Allergies
No More Allergies
Maire W
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Omuu has been a game changer for Pip our Bichon. He developed allergies at 2 years of age . He scratched so much his skin bled, he was miserable and lost weight. Blood tests and an elimination diet confirmed his allergies. Allergy medication from the vet made him lethargic and sleepy. He wasn’t happy on rice, oat porridge and green beans which were the only foods that didn’t make him scratch non stop. We tried numerous novel protein sources without success apart from Ostrich meat which we couldn’t continue long term due to its very high cost. Then we heard about insect based dog food and tried it. Very quickly Pip stopped scratching and regained weight. We are using the Irish brand Omuu for more than a year and we are delighted with it. He loves it and now he and Molly our other Bichon are only fed Omuu. Another benefit is that they both have no brown staining around their eyes and mouths, This disappeared once they moved to an insect based diet. The delivery service from Dr Frank and the team at Omuu is superb, they go the extra mile every time. I wholeheartedly recommend Omuu.
More Energy
More Energy
Anita C
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This dog food was recommended to my sister by a Behaviour Specialist ( true specialist as only a handful properly trained in Ireland ). Both my sister and I purchased this dog food for a 2 year old rescued Cockapoo. When we first got him his poo was light beige in colour and didn't seem to have a normal consistency - almost like paper. Since commencing Omuu Pet Food, the change is unbelievable. Normal dog poo after 2 days !!! We thought he had loads of energy but following the introduction of Omuu food, his energy levels have increased. This food also has definitely changed his behaviours and his personality. He has a much better (lovely) temperament. No more nipping. I just wish Omuu would have a food for cats. Well done on this amazing product 👏
No More Expensive Medication
No More Expensive Medication
Therese B
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I have a Border Collie, Oakie, who suffers from skin allergies. His skin was itchy and he suffered from ear infections and had lost a lot of hair. He looked uncomfortable and stressed. I wanted to address the root cause(s) of his skin condition so I looked at changing his diet. Omuu was recommended to me by another pet parent. I contacted Omuu and Dr. Frank gave me very helpful advice and answered my questions. Oakie loves it. He is in great form now and has lots of energy. His skin rash is gone, skin sores and ears have healed. His hair has grown back. I am very happy to be feeding him a good quality dog food with healthy ingredients. As Omuu contains Omega fats I don’t need to give him an oil supplement. It also contains ingredients to balance gut bacteria so I don’t need to give him a probiotic. I also like Omuu’s intentions to protect and look after the health of the plant and animal kingdom 💚 Oakie has been completely off medications for 2 weeks now and he’s doing brilliantly. His skin remains rash free and inside ears look healthy. Thankyou for your time and love for our pets 💛💜💚

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Insect Protein

What makes insect protein so incredible ?

Insect protein is one of natures super nutrients. They contain:

  • more amino acid proteins than chicken breast
  • More iron than spinach
  • More calcium than milk
  • More vitamin B12 than fish

Insect protein also contains incredible natural anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties which helps protect your dog from damage

Insect protein is also extremely environmentally friendly. Less land and water is needed for insect farming and significantly less CO2 is produced


insect protein

Does my dog need a hypoallergenic dog food ?

A hypoallergenic dog food is perfect if your dog suffers from a food related allergy. Your dog may suffer from one or multiple problems which include:

  • Itchy red skin
  • ear infection
  • anal gland problems
  • tear staining (especially white dogs)
  • vomiting/diarrhoea
  • Increased flatulence

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