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  1. Ciarán

    Phenomenonal food well done to Dr. Frank here! Our Tiny has had constant allergies his whole life but since we put him on Omuu his skin and coat has never been better and his allergies too! Best food on the market, wouldn’t buy anything else now! Frank follows up and is dedicated 100%! Thanks pal👌

    Omuu Adult 2kg (1 bag)Omuu Adult 2kg (1 bag)


    Soni is enjoying the food very much and we are noticing that his skin and is allergy is starting to improve
    Very good product
    Well done !

    Omuu Adult 6kg (3 bags)Omuu Adult 6kg (3 bags)

  3. Deirdre H.

    For the first time ever i have discovered a food that my very fussy Bichon loves !! And the fact that it is so good for her & Irish made is a real bonus !!

    Omuu Adult 6kg (3 bags)Omuu Adult 6kg (3 bags)

  4. Therese

    I have a Border Collie, Oakie, who suffers from skin allergies. His skin was itchy, he suffered from ear infections and had lost alot of hair. He looked uncomfortable and stressed. I wanted to address the root cause(s) of his skin condition so I looked at changing his diet. Omuu was recommended to me by another pet parent. I contacted Omuu and Dr Frank gave me very helpful advice and
    answered my questions.
    Oakie has been on Omuu six weeks now. He loves it. He is in great form!! now and has lots! of energy. His skin rash is gone, skin sores and ears have healed. His hair has grown back.
    I am very happy to be feeding him a good quality dog food with healthy ingredients. As Omuu contains Omega fats I don’t need to give him an oil supplement. It also contains ingredients to balance gut bacteria so I don’t need to give him a probiotic. I also like Omuu’s intentions
    to protect and look after the health of the plant and animal kingdom 💚

    Omuu Adult 12kg (6 bags)Omuu Adult 12kg (6 bags)

  5. Joanne

    Our dog loves his kibble now . Before with other brands,he had no interest and just wanted our food. He loves his Omuu though!

    Omuu Adult 2kg (1 bag)Omuu Adult 2kg (1 bag)


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