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  1. This food has been a game changer for my very allergy sensitive Irish Setter and aging Jack Russell terrier. After much research trying to find a long term solution other than medications I came across Omuu insect based protein food. I love that it is an Irish company founded by a veterinary professional and found the information on the website really helpful.
    Since starting on this food, the skin issues, hair loss and stinky poop (now almost completely odourless) is all gone. No more ear irritation either. She has an abundance of energy and a shiny healthy coat. My little Jack Russell is also thriving on it and the smaller kibble size suits them both.
    Thank you Omuu!

  2. I have a 11 month Australian Labradoodle called Flynn who was suffering badly with allergies. We had been going back and forth to the vet and they had put him on dietary food which he didn’t enjoy, we tried lots of different brands of food for him and everyone of them he would be scratching and biting his paws.
    After being told he would have to stay on the brand of food and medication he was on for life I started to search Google to try and find something to help him myself and I came across Omuu.
    I emailed Dr Frank, he was so helpful and gave me some great advice on how to help Flynn not just with food but other stuff too.
    Flynn has now been on Omuu nearly 6 weeks and the difference in him is unbelievable.
    He no longer bites his paws and scratches very little.
    This food has been a life saver.
    He is so much happier, has loads or energy and his coat is so shiny.
    He loves this food.
    I would highly recommended Dr Frank and Omuu.
    Thank you for everything

    Image #1 from Djola Hennessy
    Image #2 from Djola Hennessy
  3. Our dog Ziggy was vomiting a lot and we tried so many different types of food before trying Omuu. Now he’s loving his food and he’s been in great health and no more stomach issues. Really love that our dog is now healthy and happy

    Image #1 from Keith
    Image #2 from Keith
  4. We started Sprocket, our just over 1 year old Collie on Omuu insect based dog food a few months ago and he absolutely loves it. His bowl is cleared straight away and his coat and energy levels are great! We find the recyclable and resealable bags are so handy. I was initially unsure of insects as a protein source but I can see how well Sprocket is doing and I’m glad we’ve made the switch to Omuu!

    Image #1 from Amy
    Image #2 from Amy
    Image #3 from Amy
  5. I bought Omuu Pet Food recently because my dog is allergic, and my usual insect food was out of stock. Zoe is doing great on the food, she loves it. The only thing I noticed is her stools are a bit smaller than on other foods, but it does not seem to bother her at all. And what’s best she is not scratching at all on the food. Definitely would recommend if you’re doing a food trial to see if your dog is allergic to food!


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