Sensitive Stomach
dog food

Why pick our Sensitive Stomach dog food ?

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food
Novel Protein

Insect protein is the perfect choice for dogs suffering from gastro problems like vomiting or diarrhoea because it doesn’t cause an immune reaction. It is also easy to digest in dogs with a sensitive tummy

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food
High Omega 3

Our high Omega 3 level protects your dog’s guts and reduces inflammation.
Omuu also contains a high anti-oxidant level which helps protect your dogs gut from damage. Keeping your dog fit and healthy

Hypoallergenic Dog Food
High Fiber

Fiber is important to feed the good bacteria in your dog’s gut. This helps prevent episodes of vomiting or diarrhoea. Omuu contains a perfect mix of different sources of fiber to help your dog thrive

Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

Does my dog need a sensitive stomach dog food ?

A hypoallergenic dog food is perfect if your dog suffers from a food related allergy. Your dog may suffer from one or multiple problems which include:

  • Itchy red skin
  • ear infection
  • anal gland problems
  • tear staining (especially white dogs)
  • vomiting/diarrhoea
  • Increased flatulence

I can’t recommend Omuu enough! My dog loves it and she is very picky with her food, she wasn’t eating much for her old food so I decided to try Omuu and she loved it straight away!
She has a sensitive tummy so I have to be very careful with her food and I never had a problem with Omuu, she eats it a lot and never had any problems with it which is amazing. And her poo is much better, no bad smell too.
Thank you so much Dr Frank for the amazing service and for being so helpful!!
Luna Maria is really happy with her food


Thainara F

Happy Customer

Fantastic food!!! It has sorted out my rescue labs dodgy stomach and he has so much more energy now. I love the ethics behind the food too reducing his global pawprint. 100% recommend to anyone skeptical


Michael C

Happy Customer

I’m a vet and I use this food as treats for my patients I see during the day, they love the taste and gobble them up straight away! I have no fear of using this especially with pets with sensitive stomachs as it is a novel protein. Even better that it is environmentally friendly ?


Aoife J

Happy Customer

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