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The Omuu Fund

Niall Harbison

Come see the difference your donations are making to Niall Harbison through the OmuuFund. By purchasing Omuu, you have personally helped this charity. You are fighting climate change and giving back to the planet.


McMuffin was likely a family pet at some point due to her placid temperment. She was dumped onto the streets of Thailand when she got sick with Cancer. Thanks to Niall’s charity, McMuffin underwent surgery and chemotherapy and is now cancer free!

Niall cares for her personally and takes her to the Vets for regular check ups.


Whacker was found on the streets after being hit by a pickaxe and left for dead. Thankfully he was found just in time and the Vets were able to save his life and close the wound.

After 6 months of recovery Whacker has been adopted by a loving family.


The little hairless puppy on Niall’s lap is called Rodney. Rodney was found on the streets suffering from numerous different blood parasites and he was close to death.

Thankfully the Vets had the correct medication to help fight the parasites and Rodney is now off to his forever home next month.

Come see the difference your donations are making

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