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Dr. Frank Clarke MVB

The natural world has always fascinated me. I grew up watching David Attenborough explain the difference between a two and three toed sloth in the Amazon rainforest. I would watch Steve Irwin grapple with crocodiles or tentatively let a venomous scorpion crawl across his palm.

I would collect snails in old shoeboxes (which somehow always ended up empty the following morning). I’d collect the feathers of different birds and create an ‘Encyclopedia Of Irish Birds’, which I was sure would reach the number 1 bestseller. I would sit for hours waiting for prey to land in my venus fly trap to see what would happen. All these experiences gave me a passion for the animal kingdom and the natural world and ultimately watching nature documentaries every Sunday afternoon inspired me to pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine at UCD.

“I realised it’s not only my job as a Vet to try and ease the suffering of all animals across the globe. But it is also my job, the job of all human beings, to help save our planet”

I feel honoured to be the part of a profession which eases the suffering of animals on our planet. All creatures great and small. We are a voice for those which do not have a voice. Veterinary Medicine is not just a career, it is a way of life.

As a Vet I am very fortunate that I can work anywhere in the world. Over the years I have volunteered with incredible conservation organisations and shelters. It is bitter sweet having to treat endangered species. Animals which are rescued from the illegal pet trade. Animals which are brutally attacked because they venture into human territory (even though humans are the ones trespassing). Volunteering has really opened my eyes to the gravity of the situation and how much work still needs to be done.
I realised it’s not only my job as a Vet to try and ease the suffering of all animals across the globe. But it is also my job, the job of all human beings, to help save our planet

I’ve seen a lot of popular trends emerge the past few years in canine nutrition. I understand the confusion pet parents face when trying to decide on a dog food brand.
Due to misinformation on the internet I’ve treated deficiencies which otherwise should be an antiquated disease in the first world.  I’ve seen a rise in diseases which have nutritional associations. And sadly, I’ve had to treat countless medical and surgical emergencies because of poor nutrition.

This is what encouraged me to form Omuu. A dog food created with all my passions in life; Veterinary, conservation, environmentalism.
I wanted a nutrition that pet parents could feel confident feeding their dogs knowing it’s a completely nutritious food built on the foundation of Veterinary expertise.
I wanted a place where pet parents could seek honest nutritional advice with no false advertising. I wanted to create an environmentally friendly petfood that gives back to the charities worldwide struggling to protect nature and its wildlife.
But above all I wanted to build a food that protects dogs against the most common health issues I see daily as a Vet. A food which allows dogs to live a happy, healthy life to the fullest. I strongly believe in prevention before cure.

Each of us can make a difference on this earth. But only together can we really make a change.

The meaning of Omuu?

Omuu comes from the word ‘Om’ meaning ‘One Universe’. I wanted to create a brand which connects the whole world together. To connect humans, animals and nature together.