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Omuu hypoallergenic soft treats is the first product in a range of science-based dog treats using insect protein. Dogs with food intolerances or allergies often present with diarrhoea or itchy skin. Omuu treats use a hypoallergenic formula to help reduce the incidence of food intolerances and allergies in your dog. Omuu treats are a low fat for dogs suffering from excessive weight or dogs that cannot consume high levels of fat. They are guilt free treats. An added dental protectant removes the need for additional dental sticks. The recipe is formulated on the back of the FEDIAF guidelines making it a complete diet for your dog. Designed by a Veterinarian and Nutritionist, each ingredient is carefully selected to provide the best nutrition for your dog

Key Benefits:

– Novel protein source using insect protein for dogs suffering with food related intolerances or allergies
– Added dental protectant to the kibble to help reduce plaque build up on your dog’s teeth
– Low fat for dogs that cant consume high levels of fat
– Grain free

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