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Dehydrated insect protein (30%), white rice, brown rice, chicken fat, dried beet pulp, hydrolysed yeast, brewer’s yeast, minerals (sodium hexametaphosphate 0.5%), salmon oil, linseed, microalgae oil (1%), dried chicory root, psyllium husk (0.5%), pea flour, dried sea buckthorn, dried marigold, dried blueberries, dried rosemary, dried cranberries, dried thyme, dried ginger, mannan-oligosaccharides, fructo-oligosaccharides, β-glucans, mojave yucca.

Analytical Constituents:

Protein 23%
Fat 15%
Crude fibre 3.9%
Ash 7.2%
Phosphorus 0.6%
Calcium 0.9%
Omega-3 1.2%
Omega-6 2.6%

Nutritional Additives:

Vitamin A: 18,000 IU, Vitamin D3: 1,000 IU, Vitamin E: 800 mg, Vitamin C: 450 mg, Copper (3b407): 15 mg, Zinc (3b612): 140 mg, Iron (3b107): 65, Manganese (3b505 ): 75 mg, Iodine (3b201): 4.0 mg, Selenium (3b810): 0.17 mg, Choline (3a890): 1,800 mg, Taurine: 1,500 mg, L-carnitine: 350 mg. Preserved with natural antioxidants.


Omuu Adult formula is the first product in a range of science-based dog food using insect protein. Dogs with food intolerances or allergies often present with diarrhoea or itchy skin. Omuu dogfood is a hypoallergenic formula used to help reduce the incidence of food intolerances and allergies in your dog. The recipe is formulated on the back of the FEDIAF guidelines making it a complete diet for your dog. Designed by a Veterinarian and Nutritionist, each ingredient is carefully selected to provide the best nutrition for your dog


Not suitable for dogs suffering from hyperlipidaemia or pancreatitis

Key Benefits:

– Novel protein source using insect protein for dogs suffering with food related intolerances or allergies
– Added hexametaphosphate to the kibble to help reduce tartar build up in your dog
– Moderate amount of phosphorus which helps protect the kidneys from damage
– Good source of Omega 3 & 6 for a healthy skin and coat
– High antioxidants to help fight against cellular damage
– Good mix of prebiotic fibres to provide optimum nutrition to the good bacteria in your dogs gut

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Dimensions 10 × 30 × 31 cm

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40 reviews for Omuu Adult 2kg

  1. Conor

    Louis loves this food. He usually suffers from a sensitive tummy but there has been no problems at all. He is even farting less. I am very impressed. It feels great knowing we are having less of an impact on the environment too

  2. Jennifer

    I offered this to my Bassett Hound Toby – a fussy eater at the best of times. He absolutely loved it ! Cleared the bowl faster than I’ve ever seen him before. We will certainly be ordering this for him again. Fab product !

  3. Jules

    I used to spend a lot of time cooking for my dog, also had to change the food at times because she would get used to it, and wouldn’t eat the same food everyday! a fussy eater really!! She was also having a skin rash every now and again. For my own sake I’ve decided to change this “routine”, and I introduced her to Omuu. I still cook for her, but as a treat, and not on a daily basis, she hasn’t have any skin rash in awhile, and her poop is a master piece!!!! Crazy the way she gets excited when I open the Omuu package!! We both really happy and I can’t recommend highly enough Omuu pet food! Special thanks to Dr. Frank for all the attention and advice given?

  4. Orla

    I have 2 lab cross dogs and they both enjoyed the food very much.
    My experience with Omuu was excellent.

  5. Brian

    Jack loves it. Never seen him get so excited for dinner before. It doesn’t have a dogfood smell so we store it in the kitchen and it doesn’t stink out the room

  6. Ravi

    I was so excited to see a food like Omuu available in Ireland. It’s great to see a business really care about the environment and our fluffy friends. I love how much care and attention has gone into creating a nutritious healthy food for my pets. Which has aimed to reduce waste and lowering its carbon footprint. My pets love it and I love it.

  7. Gearóid Coakley

    Our collie Jim loved it.He ate it immediately when normally he would wait about an hour before eating his food. He thrived on it
    Well done and so good for the environment

  8. Niamh

    My lab cross Lexi really liked this food, she can be a bit fussy and often leaves her food sitting in the bowl for hours before eating. However once she sniffed Omuu she cleaned the whole bowl right away!

  9. Shauna McNulty

    My little staffy Sally suffers with really bad skin. She gets flare ups and breakouts on most foods I’ve tried. It’s a nightmare. After having her on Omuu for the last month, I’ve noticed a huge difference in her skin. She hasn’t had a flare up since! I’m really impressed with the quality of this food. Also, she loves the kibble size and even plays with it while eating it. It’s the first time I’ve seen her really enjoy food. I use it to stuff kongs, fill interactive toys and as treats. It’s really great! And I get to feel good about choosing it too since its so environmentally friendly! Win win all around

  10. Sandra B

    Bought this after seeing it in the paper. My dog loves it. Starting to slowly introduce it but she didn’t want to eat her old food again

  11. Michelle

    My pomeranian loves it. Hes usually very shy with new foods but hes eating this no bother. Havent seen him with so much energy in a long time. Im happy to find a food that helps with his teeth problems too

  12. Sinead Mckenna

    Very impressed with this food. I used to feed my dog raw but switched over because of the impact I was having on the environment. Have another bag on the way

  13. Niall

    I spoke with Dr Frank about George and his sensitive tummy. I was very impressed with all his advice and decided to give omuu a try. Since starting omuu I will never go back to another brand. His poo has never looked this good. I am so happy knowing that George isn’t suffering anymore and knowing that I don’t have to keep wasting new food. Thank you for everything.

  14. Jason Varian

    Food is amazing. My dog loves it.
    She had a lot more energy after her first bowl and her coat is shining.
    Excellent product. Will definitely be buying again.

  15. Anonymous

    he loves the taste. no problems changing over the food

  16. Jacinta Hoey

    Excellent food shadow has a lovely healthy coat and his digestive system has improved greatly. We are very happy with it and shadow seems to enjoy it

  17. Muriel O.

    My dog Buddy absolutely loves the food. Will be buying again.

  18. Sinead O.

    Both my dogs Tonnta (Young and big) & Sugradh (Old & Small) love this dog food I am still at the stage where I am currently mixing it with the dog food they used to be on but I will definitely be switching to Omuu

  19. Jeff

    Jeff, Co.Meath
    My two dogs Ralph & Riley absolutely love the kibbles!
    Going back to their usual food is now going to be a problem as they clearly prefer the Omuu. Great to feed them something that’s sustainably made and kinder to the planet. Will be ordering again!!

  20. catherine

    Very good and good service great delivery in place and good quality bags to keep nut food fresh

  21. Aileen Garvey

    My dog likes the food and delivery was super fast

  22. Michael Clifton

    Fantastic food!!! It has sorted out my rescue labs dodgy stomach and he has so much more energy now. I love the ethics behind the food too reducing his global pawprint. 100% recommend to anyone skeptical

  23. Darren Flynn

    Excellent, my dog loves the feed and already seems to have more energy. Thank You

  24. Christina McCabe

    Julius, our jack russell loves this food and we are helping to save the planet. So win win in my eyes. He prefers it over the other food we were feeding him before. Would recommend.

  25. Lauren

    Ellie and Sergei absolutely love this food! They start licking their lips when I open the bag ☺️ Not to mention how good I know it is for them and the planet! Would highly recommend Omuu dog food and will purchase again ☺️

  26. Siobhan

    Xena loves it. Her coat is looking brighter and she has a lot more energy

  27. Aoife

    I’m a vet and I use this food as treats for my patients I see during the day, they love the taste and gobble them up straight away! I have no fear of using this especially with pets with sensitive stomachs as it is a novel protein. Even better that it is environmentally friendly ?

  28. Nicolae

    This is great for my Max who is very fussy. He also seem to love it in combination with wet food which is a big plus.

  29. Gabrielle Murphy

    My dog has always suffered with a skin rash and my vet diagnosed food allergies. I’ve after trying many different treatments, trying different diets but nothing was working. This food is the only one that has helped my little baby’s skin

  30. Sophie P

    My dog loves this food. She has more energy too since starting this food

  31. Thainara Moro Fuligo

    I can’t recommend Omuu enough! My dog loves it and she is very picky with her food, she wasn’t eating much for her old food so I decided to try Omuu and she loved it straight away!
    She has a sensitive tummy so I have to be very careful with her food and I never had a problem with Omuu, she eats it a lot and never had any problems with it which is amazing. And her poo is much better, no bad smell too.
    Thank you so much Dr Frank for the amazing service and for being so helpful!!
    Luna Maria is really happy with her food 😀

  32. Anonymous

    Doggie loves it. Gentle on her colitis tummy. Small firm poops from a big dog. 😀👍🐩

  33. Joanne

    Our dog loves his kibble now . Before with other brands,he had no interest and just wanted our food. He loves his Omuu though!

  34. Ciarán

    Phenomenonal food well done to Dr. Frank here! Our Tiny has had constant allergies his whole life but since we put him on Omuu his skin and coat has never been better and his allergies too! Best food on the market, wouldn’t buy anything else now! Frank follows up and is dedicated 100%! Thanks pal👌

  35. Ciarán

    Phenomenonal food well done to Dr. Frank here! Our Tiny has had constant allergies his whole life but since we put him on Omuu his skin and coat has never been better and his allergies too! Best food on the market, wouldn’t buy anything else now! Frank follows up and is dedicated 100%! Thanks pal👌

  36. David

    I have a very fussy westie who absolutely LOVES this food. He usually grazes but with Omuu he eats all his meals straight away. He also has a very sensitive stomach but now his stools are also so much healthier and his flatulence is virtually gone. The idea of using this novel protein is genius, Thank you so much Dr Frank, and Wilson thanks you too. Will be keeping him on this diet!

  37. Alex

    I bought Omuu Pet Food recently because my dog is allergic, and my usual insect food was out of stock. Zoe is doing great on the food, she loves it. The only thing I noticed is her stools are a bit smaller than on other foods, but it does not seem to bother her at all. And what’s best she is not scratching at all on the food. Definitely would recommend if you’re doing a food trial to see if your dog is allergic to food!

  38. Amy

    We started Sprocket, our just over 1 year old Collie on Omuu insect based dog food a few months ago and he absolutely loves it. His bowl is cleared straight away and his coat and energy levels are great! We find the recyclable and resealable bags are so handy. I was initially unsure of insects as a protein source but I can see how well Sprocket is doing and I’m glad we’ve made the switch to Omuu!

  39. Keith

    Our dog Ziggy was vomiting a lot and we tried so many different types of food before trying Omuu. Now he’s loving his food and he’s been in great health and no more stomach issues. Really love that our dog is now healthy and happy

  40. Djola Hennessy

    I have a 11 month Australian Labradoodle called Flynn who was suffering badly with allergies. We had been going back and forth to the vet and they had put him on dietary food which he didn’t enjoy, we tried lots of different brands of food for him and everyone of them he would be scratching and biting his paws.
    After being told he would have to stay on the brand of food and medication he was on for life I started to search Google to try and find something to help him myself and I came across Omuu.
    I emailed Dr Frank, he was so helpful and gave me some great advice on how to help Flynn not just with food but other stuff too.
    Flynn has now been on Omuu nearly 6 weeks and the difference in him is unbelievable.
    He no longer bites his paws and scratches very little.
    This food has been a life saver.
    He is so much happier, has loads or energy and his coat is so shiny.
    He loves this food.
    I would highly recommended Dr Frank and Omuu.
    Thank you for everything

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