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What are benefits of insect protein dog food? What type of insect protein is used in Omuu? Will my dog like the taste of Omuu insect protein dog food? Is insect protein really environmentally friendly?

What Exactly is Insect Protein?

You guessed it, insect protein is protein made from insects. Humans have been eating insects as a premium nutrition for thousands of years but it is a rather new concept for our pets (even though they do love to catch the odd insect themselves in the garden).

Omuu uses the black soldier fly larvae in our recipe. This tiny little creature is revolutionising our planet, not just from a nutritional perspective but also from an environmentally friendly perspective.

Will My Dog Like The Taste of Omuu

100% of dogs that tried Omuu during our initial clinical trial loved the taste. It is an extremely palatable food. Even dogs that only ate wet food prior to Omuu, loved the taste. But this is how we designed the recipe. We wanted to make sure dogs enjoyed the food, while getting all of the nutrients that Omuu provides.

Some pet parents have even mentioned that Omuu even smells better. They are able to keep their bag of dog food in the kitchen cupboard and not worry about the kitchen smelling like fish the next morning.

What Nutrition Does Insect Protein Dog Food Provide?

Insect protein is one of natures super foods. They are extremely high in amino acids (the building blocks of protein). They provide all of the essential amino acids needed by your dog (Insect protein actually contain more amino acids than chicken breast). A true powerhouse when it comes to protein. Insect protein has also been shown to be a highly digestible protein source. This means that your dog can break down and utilise Omuu extremely efficiently. They have been shown to be similar and in some cases better than conventional meat products.

From a vitamin and mineral perspective, insect protein also score very high. They contain more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk. This is something which the conventional meat proteins which go into our petfood do not contain. Interestingly, insect protein has also been shown to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

In studies, insect protein has been shown to stop the growth of infectious intestinal bacteria. They have also been shown in studies to reduce inflammation in the joints of dogs suffering from painful arthritis.

Is Insect Protein Dog Food Good For The Environment?

Yes, the environmental aspects of insect protein are absolutely incredible. To produce 1 kg of cattle meat, you require 20,000 L of water. This ends up producing 21 kg of carbon dioxide emissions and you require 200 square feet of land.

Compare this to insect farming which require just 1 L of water to produce 1 kg of insect protein. You need just 5 square feet of land and you end up producing just 1 kg of carbon dioxide.

With 400 million cats and dogs now on our planet, it is unsustainable to feed them all human grade meats. It makes a lot more sense to feed them Omuu, which produces less carbon dioxide and dogs absolutely love the taste of it also. Good for the planet and good for your dog.

Are There Any Antibiotics Used In Insect Farming?

It depeDue to the unique and natural antimicrobial properties of insects, there is no need for antibiotic use. This is of particular interest this day and age where antibiotic resistance is of major concern.

The use of antibiotics in large animal farming is phenomenal due to the increased risk of disease spreading from animal to animal because of overcrowding conditions. Insect farming is the future for a more sustainable future and to also protect our remaining antibiotics.

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