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  1. The main reason I tried the Omuu food was for my Dog Cassie. Cass has an old hip injury & she needs to lose weight too 🙂
    She loved the food at the start & quickly got used to it, now she lost some weight & looking at her people have remarked on this. As for the scales, well that tells differently but she has dropped over one stone which is great. She’s been going on short walks since Christmas. I’m happy how she’s doing.

  2. Happy to find this more sustainable option for dog food (although there is still some chicken in there!). Would love to see it on sale in pet shops. Quite expensive so feeding Bonnie 1/4 Omuu and 3/4 regular food for now – it’s a start!

    • Hi Niamh, thank you for the review. Omuu does use chicken fat in the recipe for palatability. During a feeding trial it was shown that 100% of dogs preferred the taste of chicken fat compared to insect fat. There are so much health benefits in an Omuu diet, I really wanted to make sure dogs preferred the taste of it. If your dog is allergic to chicken then please do not be concerned as the fats do not contain any source of chicken protein. After all, it is the protein sources in your dog food which causes allergy flare ups.
      In relation to the cost of Omuu, there are a number of reasons for this so please allow me to explain. Insect protein as a whole is actually more expensive than ‘animal and meat derivatives’ which usually goes into conventional pet food. The black soldier fly larvae are processed whole which means we are getting their full nutritional benefits. Insect protein is actually a premium protein source. They are highly concentrated in amino acids when compared to more traditional meat. They also are rich in vitamins and minerals (they contain more iron than spinach). They also have unique natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits which other protein sources do not have. Currently there aren’t many black soldier fly farms in Europe which also contributes to a more expensive price (supply and demand).
      Omuu uses recyclable packaging which comes at a higher price. Our packaging is 100% recyclable since we use the same type of plastic for the inner protective layer as the outside layer. Even our zipper uses the same type of plastic. It would have been much cheaper to use an inner metallic layer and a different type of plastic, but we did not want to compromise on the recyclability aspect of our packaging.
      Omuu also donates €1 from the profits of every purchase to an environmental/conservation charity. We will keep you updated online once we make our first donation so please stay tuned for this. The first conservation charity we will be supporting is known as AmazonShelter which rescues and rehabilitates endangered animals in the Amazon rainforest left homeless due to deforestation or by the illegal pet trade. I have personally volunteered here as a Veterinary Surgeon and they are doing incredible work (https://amazonshelter.org/).
      Finally I have also added ingredients into my Omuu food which would be more specific to Veterinary diets which also contributes towards the price. Such as a dental protectant, higher antioxidant levels to help protect your dogs internal organs and higher omega 3 levels to help your dogs skin. I feel very strongly about the health of dogs and I really want to contribute towards a better nutrition for their overall health and not just the lowest nutritional standards.
      I definitely hope that in the future insect protein will become much more accessible. Hopefully this has helped clarify our pricing at Omuu. We pride ourselves in being a transparent petfood company so if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

      Kind regards,
      Dr. Frank

  3. Our collie Jim loved it.He ate it immediately when normally he would wait about an hour before eating his food. He thrived on it
    Well done and so good for the environment


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