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  1. I bought Omuu Pet Food recently because my dog is allergic, and my usual insect food was out of stock. Zoe is doing great on the food, she loves it. The only thing I noticed is her stools are a bit smaller than on other foods, but it does not seem to bother her at all. And what’s best she is not scratching at all on the food. Definitely would recommend if you’re doing a food trial to see if your dog is allergic to food!

  2. The main reason I tried the Omuu food was for my Dog Cassie. Cass has an old hip injury & she needs to lose weight too 🙂
    She loved the food at the start & quickly got used to it, now she lost some weight & looking at her people have remarked on this. As for the scales, well that tells differently but she has dropped over one stone which is great. She’s been going on short walks since Christmas. I’m happy how she’s doing.

  3. Happy to find this more sustainable option for dog food (although there is still some chicken in there!). Would love to see it on sale in pet shops. Quite expensive so feeding Bonnie 1/4 Omuu and 3/4 regular food for now – it’s a start!

  4. Our collie Jim loved it.He ate it immediately when normally he would wait about an hour before eating his food. He thrived on it
    Well done and so good for the environment

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